Case Studies

Project SCHUETZ Co mayo

This was our first major contract in the Irish republic completed for the world’s biggest refrigeration company.

In record time and within budget to suit the clients requirements. Using our water repellent Nano coating to ensure a long and healthy life with self-cleaning attributes to make the system run more efficient, with less maintenance.

Belfast Hospital project

This unit is to replace an existing system that had failed due to highly corrosive atmosphere. Most likely produced locally by the CHP systems and the incinerator producing NOx this was. Coated in our facility due to inclement weather conditions and the need for this system to be operation and a very short time frame.

High pressure Co2 gas cooler



Chemical attack

Prior to coating the average life of these chillers was 16 months coated in 2018 still going strong all pipe and coil coated

Sulphide plant

Hydroxide & phenol ( Plant)


  • 1000kw chiller for Almac pharmaceutical Portadown
  • 100m from the sea
  • Highly corrosive atmosphere
  • Hydrophilic coating to repel water
  • Water based coating a customer requirement

Data Centres

  • Highly classified location
  • Responsible for £100 million worth of transactions every day
  • Mission critical
  • Completed in record time
  • No down time

Military and Nuclear

Cleared for supply and on site work at our most sensitive locations



C-5M Certified

Our special coatings’ are certified to Marine grade C-5M the highest protection grade possible.

Wind Farms



Jet fuel has the ability to decay alloys at up to 15 times normal rate . A 10 year guarantee was given on 3 x 1000kw chillers

Supermarkets & convivence stores

Co2 gas cooler for a Bradford based supermarket chain

Cooler for a well know German discounter

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