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Bronz-Glow Ireland.

Based in Belfast & working in Southern Ireland from this point, we supply a specialist coating to customers operating refrigeration and air conditioning equipment. Our specialist coating offers corrosion protection and has energy efficiency benefits.

We aim to help you save money, time, electricity and help protect the environment by applying our coatings. Our specialist coatings can be applied to many elements of your systems, such as heat exchangers, condensers and evaporators.

We want to help you achieve maximum efficiency from your cooling system, and we can do this by optimising the condensing temperature. A low condensing temperature leads to more efficient use of the compressor.

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Safe Contractor ISO 9001 ISO 14001 CPD CIBSE Approved Aqua Aero

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Why Choose Bronz-Glow Ireland


It’s no secret that air conditioning units tend to consume high levels of energy. A lot of the high power consumption is a result of the compressor used within the systems. This highlights how important it is that the compressor is operating under optimal conditions with maximum efficiency. The condensing temperature of the cooling system is a critical factor: a low condensing temperature results in a more efficient compressor. At Bronz Glow Ireland, we can help you to achieve higher efficiency from your air conditioning system.

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Save Money

As a result of the fantastic energy efficiency achieved by Bronz Glow, you can find yourself saving lots of money. Your investment in the Bronz Glow treatment can be recovered within just one year.

At Bronz-Glow, we provide a complete service to improve efficiency and effectiveness, reduce running costs, and extend the life of your cooling equipment.

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Bronz-Glow Ireland Ltd is ISO 14001 Environmental Approved.

We have also been approved by CIBSE as a CPD course provider.

Bronz Glow has been cleared for supply and on-site work at our most sensitive locations, including Nuclear and Military locations.

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Some clients who have chosen Bronze-Glow Ireland and protected their investment

Safe Contractor ISO 9001 ISO 14001 CPD CIBSE Approved Aqua Aero